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5Ton Shackle Hitch Receiver


Material: Carbon Steel
Surface: Black Powder Coated /Galvanized.                                        
WLL: 5000KG                                                                                                
Hitch Pin Hole: 5/8".                                                                                                        
D-Ring Size: 3/4"

  • Perfect fits 2" Hitch Receivers, Rated at 11,000 Pounds - Over double the weight of standard truck which is only about 4,500 lbs!
  • Dual hitch pin holes give you the flexibility to connect the shackle horizontally or vertically!
  • Drop Forged Steel - Resulting In Incredible Strength and Quality!
  • Bracket comes with 5/8 hitch pin, 3/4 shackle and shackle cover

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