Bolt on D Ring


  • THESE BOLT-ON D-RINGS are made of exceptionally heavy duty solid steel, 1/2" diameter thick. They are strong and durable, and can handle a load up to 4000 pounds. That means that these 4 rings can bear up to 16,000 pounds together! See the description for a clear guide on how to figure out your tiedown limits when loading cargo on trucks and trailers, especially if you're up for DOT inspection...
  • SEE THE 7th PICTURE for a clear visual image of all the dimensions to make sure that this is the tie down you need. Please realize that these rings do come with 3" x 1 3/4" bolt-on mounting brackets but NOT installation bolts. Use 3/8" carriage bolts to secure.
  • BOLTED D RINGS are the most handy and flexible tie downs available. Generally used as tie-down anchors on trucks, pickups, campers, vans, docks, boats, flatbeds, and trailers, they’re also handy as wall hooks in organized garages, warehouses, and workshops. These D Rings are galvanized for superior corrosion- and rust- resistance