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Carbon Steel Galvanized Danforth Anchor


  ·Style: Pivoting steel fluke
  ·Material: Galvanized steel
  ·Application: Sand and mud
  ·Pros: An accurately made, traditional lightweight anchor. Precise crown tooling and tapered shank allow deep anchor penetration. Controlled shank/fluke angle     for reliable sets. Great in sand and good in mud.
  ·Cons: Limited or no holding in grassy, rock or clay bottoms. Doesn't readily reset on breakout. Hinge prone to jamming.

  ·Note: Patterned after the original lightweight Danforth anchors, including precision die-cut components for accurate assembly and symmetry, a tapered shank with chamfered edges for deeper seabed penetration and increased stock length and fluke angle for roll stability and dependability.